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8 mai 2015

Quality Label

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The "Student Housing Quality Label" is awarded based on the overall assessment of housing and predefined mandatory criteria :
Equipment :
  •  Housing area
  •  Equipment with a kitchenette and a sanitary facility (WC, shower, sink) and independent inner housing (excluding room)
  •  Access to a telephone line or internet access
  •  Energy Performance Certificate
hygiene :
  • Compliance with the rules of safety and decency
  • Quality of the insulation and ventilation
  •  Sufficient natural lighting and access to fresh air
  • Compliance disposal facilities sewage
  • Housing is not the subject of a notice of inadequacy or danger
security :
  • Safety surroundings of the building and housing
  • Quality of the building and common areas
  • Electrical and heating installations compliant and adapted to the characteristics of housing and common household appliances