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15 mai 2015

The AHLOET association

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The city of Le Havre, the University, the Normandy Management School, the National School of the Merchant Marine, the Institute for Policy Studies, the National Institute of Applied Sciences, the Institute of Educators Training Normandy, gathered to create an association able to overcome the difficulties encountered by the Havre’s student housing Research : AHLOET (Havraise Association for Student Housing).
This association aims to put online via its website, quality housing, labeled, dedicated to students.
This system facilitates the integration of students in the City, including newcomers and increases the attractiveness of higher education institutions and the City. Housing is one of the determining criteria for the student in the choice of training location.
The activities of the Association are :
- Tour of private housing
- Labeling of accommodation according to predefined criteria mandatory
- Food and updating the website and displayed in schools
- Home and Student Council member institutions
- Building partnerships with local players student housing
The goal for AHLOET over 3 years is to achieve 800 certified housing and develop complementary themes.