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15 mai 2015

Energetic diagnosis

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Energy Performance Certificate


The owner must imperatively make a Energy Performance Diagnosis (DPE) before obtaining the labeling. The Energy Performance Certificate (DPE).

The energy performance (DPE) for information on the energy performance of a home or building, assessing its energy consumption and its impact in terms of emissions of greenhouse gases. It falls within the framework of the European level defined energy policy to reduce the energy consumption of buildings and limit emissions of greenhouse gases.
The content and the conditions for drawing ECD are regulated (the decrees and orders are downloaded from this site). ECD described the building or housing (surface, orientation, walls, windows, materials, etc.) and its heating, domestic hot water, cooling and ventilation. It indicates, as appropriate, or the amount of energy actually consumed (based on invoices) or the estimated energy consumption for standardized use of the building or housing.
Reading the DPE is facilitated by two labels to 7 classes from A to G (A being the best performance, G to worst) :
· Energy label for primary energy consumption ;
· Climate label for the amount of emitted greenhouse gases.
Of course, the actual consumption of buildings depend directly on usage conditions and the actual heating temperature ; the estimated consumption are not a contractual guarantee, but they allow an objective comparison of the quality of housing and buildings for sale or rented.
The diagnosis also includes recommendations that allow the purchaser, owner, lessor or lessee, to know the most effective measures to save energy : these tips to good use and good management building and its equipment and work recommendations. These recommended work is not mandatory : the DPE aims to encourage improved energy performance of the building, not to force the execution of works.
Except in special cases, a DPE is valid for 10 years.
The energy performance shall be established by an independent professional satisfying criteria of competence and have purchased insurance.
Personnel certification bodies, accredited by COFRAC (French Accreditation Committee), check the candidates’ qualifications. This certification is mandatory since 1 November 2007. Some 6,000 professionals have already been certified for the implementation of DPE. The diagnosticians can register with the real estate brokers and notaries who will be able to use their services to perform these diagnostics.
Warning : Do not confuse with any other diagnosis DPE not meeting the same requirements that could be offered by non-certified professionals to establish it.
This device is part of a set of measures designed both to limit the impact of rising energy costs on the wallets of French and also to preserve the environment. This energy label is a great advance in information for users : it allows each including French household that buys or leases a property to better measure the impact on the greenhouse effect of its energy choices and have an assessment of energy costs.
See online : Construction and Housing Code, Art. L. 134-1 et seq. and R. 134-1 and s